June 25, 2006
51: Son of Iron Folk Festival Sox!

Now playing: Son of Iron Folk Festival Sox! They are, of course, knit from the same weird combination of yarns as went into the original Iron Folk Festival Sox, on smaller needles this time and without bothering with the Whitby pattern (too small a canvas). My goal this spring was to knit warm woolen socks for all three of us before we went to StanFest. I didn't quite manage to knit for myself, but my Sockapaloooza socks are perfect in this regard so don't cry for me.

Man, toddler sox are quick. They're especially quick when you don't try to improvise or knit while annoyed with your Grade 10 class (go on, ask me how I found this out). I also tried sealing the 2 yarns in their own sandwich bags and I spent almost no time at all detangling compared to the other three socks. Yay! Unpattern is based on Stephanie's Sock Recipe from Knitting Rules! They look a little weird, but they fit perfectly.

ETA, post-folk festival: Oh no they don't. They're Too Short. Oh my God, I'm so unhappy. No amount of hopeful blocking could fix the fact that the foot needed another 3/4 of an inch in length.

pay no attention to my unwashed tent hair!

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