November 19, 2007
102 & 103: gifties for a baby

Two quick gifties for Mason's upcoming baby. I've wanted to make both of these patterns for awhile; fortunately they're both quick and accommodated my need for speed.

  1. Baby Tart, out of EL. D. Mouzakis Butterfly (rich blue) and Nashua Nature Focus (wheaty beige). Both are cottons. Easy knit, but I think this will be waaay too shallow to stay on a feisty baby head.

    as modeled by my old doll, Rosie

    tart, again

    tart from the top

  2. Odd Fellow, out of the Lamb's Pride Worsted left over from my robot binge last year.

    odd fellow
    french knots for eyes, even!

I hope the wee baby likes 'em. I do.

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