October 20, 2007
we will rise

Fun facts about Friendly Rich:

My journey to last night's Friendly Rich Show was epic. I have made their regular appearances at the Tranzac a staple of my social calendar: much like Drunken Knitting, I can commit to something awesome that only happens once a month. But since the July show, they have been absent from the scene. This October show has been a goal of mine for a long time. And even when I knew that the Boy would be out of town, speaking at his alma mater for a weekend, I was still determined to go. I would get Nic to take me, I thought. He just needed 6 weeks of notice and continual reminders.

It wasn't until Tuesday that I had a key thought: how was I to get to the show if the Boy had the car?

Asking Nic for help was inconclusive, as he doesn't keep a car and relies on the largesse of my parents. I also found out that he was working until 11 that night. I began to give up hope; the Boy, feeling guilty, spoke of renting a car for the weekend, but memories of bouncing Blake's first tuition cheque were just too fresh (it was only a month ago). I told my dad that I would keep Blake for the night, after all, what was I getting babysitting for?

But I forgot something else: my mom just got a new job, and her current hospital is less than 10 minutes away. She no longer needs the car for 14 hours; in fact my dad can easily drop her off and pick her up. The car was ours if we wanted it. Game on.

(And of course, my dad had to put the screws to me one more time before the details were finalized, and I ended up promising to stay the night along with Blake. I tried my best, but I just couldn't think of a reason to justify going home by myself so that I could wait for Blake to be dropped off the next morning.)

So yesterday we said goodbye to the Boy and were dropped off at my parents' house. Blake & I spent a pleasant hour out & about before supper, rediscovering the fun twins who live down the street and their fun mom, who immediately gives me beer when we're over and yet doesn't make me feel like a lush. Excellent vibes, there. After supper we fooled around a bit, I gave Blake his bath & put him to bed, and then settled in to knit in front of the teevee and try to stay awake. Hard. Going. Even "Freaks" had a hard time keeping me from napping.

But it all worked out. Nic came home, brushed his teeth for a zillion years and then got in the car again to go. We made it by 11:40, not bad considering we took a "shortcut." The only problem was that THEY HAD ALREADY PLAYED.

Oh, the humanity.

So we collected Needle Addict and went to Las Iguanas for midnight burritos. On the one hand, I was bitter that all of my striving had been for nothing. On the other hand, I got to knit a sock to "November Rain", sitting at a table with my elusive brother and a fun girl I haven't seen since the housewarming party. I think there's a balance there somewhere.

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