November 04, 2007
time change this, buddy

I am unbelievably short-tempered today. I was up at 7 to get ready for a tutoring gig, but because this is wacky wacky time-change weekend, they came 25 minutes early. I had to answer the door in pj's as the Boy, my usual pitch-hitter in these situations, was just out of the shower. Embarrassing. After 40 minutes of telling them things they didn't want to hear, I got to go back to my life. (It's not like I have a magic pill to make people better writers, although I did prescribe a good old fashioned dose of the Elements of Style. Heh. Like Buckley's mixture, that book reads terribly, but it works.) I'm supposed to look at another draft tonight. Fun Stuff.

Time change has got me moody and hard to please. I'm cold, I'm hungry, and Blake & the Boy keep wandering off or falling asleep or bursting with energy. I'm going to cook dinner & go to bed early. In the meantime, here's some photo phun. Click through for more Hallowe'en costumed shenanigans.*


* Active shenanigans ingredient: less than 2%

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Don't make me send out the Blake. He doesn't listen to *anyone.*