October 28, 2007
101: how many flamingos had to die?

My co-worker Maeve has two lovely boys, but she always wanted a girl. So she was delighted to find out that this latest pregnancy held a girl. And I, though I avoid gender stereotyping as much as I can, felt duty-bound to knit this little girl the pinkest laciest sweater ever pinked. Er, knit.

The pattern is the Jasmine Lace-edged Cardigan from Natural Knits for Moms and Babies. I used Butterfly mercerized cotton, which was smooth and shiny & soft. It was quick to knit (except for the long lace panel, which dragged on through all of 'Ray' and the special features) and although it took a rather long time to seam up, the seams were so short that I could always move on to something new before my brain entirely rotted away.

thanks to the photogenic logs at the humber arboretum!

Plus, the buttons are just Too Much Fun.

Extra Knitting Fun!

Here's a picture of my Punk Lolitas on Pixie:

the things you can find on flickr

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