November 01, 2007
scary stuff, kids

I'm so tired I can barely see straight. In honour of the season, my 12 Wesleys have turned into thesis vampires, sucking every bit of analytical power out of my poor skull. Tomorrow their essay is due, so I'm looking forward to a long spell of rejuvenation. There's only so many times you can rush away from the lunch table saying, "I gotta see a kid about a thesis," before it stops being quite so funny.

Also, Hallowe'en with a little kid? Exhausting. Not only did the Boy & I have to co-ordinate costumes for ourselves and for Blake to wear at school, but there was the trick or treating after dark. Blake finally wore his Monkey costume to go out, as he'd thoughtlessly left his Buzz Lightyear gear at school. (Score!!) Seeing him in a suit that I clumsily sewed into being made this the best Hallowe'en I can remember.

He did amazingly well, not pushing for candy and saving his freakout until he was clearly overtired and we tried to answer the door without him. (At least half-a-dozen kids were treated to the sight of Blake having a complete meltdown in his pj's while the Boy encouraged them to take candy from our bowl.) We did about as well, and while there was no tantrum, there was a lot of pain due to stupidly scheduling our new bed delivery for today. Last night we took the mattresses down, wrapped them in plastic, assembled the new frame, swept the floor, and finally went to sleep in separate rooms – wherever there was a comfortable place to sleep. Then Blake woke up at 4:30 to use the washroom, and couldn't sleep.

But I guess a lot of that is just My Life, and not the Hallowe'en aspect of it.

pictures tomorrow

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