October 23, 2007

More "setbacks" at school for Blake. Yesterday his teachers asked me: since he was falling asleep every day in class, should they just bed him down with the other pre-K's who have naps after lunch? I don't want to make their job any harder than it has to be, so I said yes. Today, when I dropped everything (including the pillow) at my parents', my mom once again wanted to know if I was going to switch him to ½ days. Because clearly, he's not hacking full days and I should just forfeit my commitment deposit because he'll never grow out of it. (She also told me to pull up my shirt, so I think there might have been a bad mood going on.) This followed closely on the heels of an ugly morning drive, and I tried to forget it all as I went to work. But when I picked up Blake & found out that he'd wet his clothes for the second day in a row, it all came rushing back.

I thought the toilet training was done. I didn't think we'd get a relapse for no good reason, one that allows him to casually wet his clothes when playing, in the mornings, after naps, etc. I realize that Blake isn't a problem to be fixed, but some days I wish I didn't feel so embattled.

And yet I am compelled to point out that his writing has, in six short weeks, gone from meaningless scribbles to numbers and letters. He can almost make out an errand list - although he spells "comic store" with a k and a.

Some pictures from our Sunday walk at the Arboretum.

this is how blake spent the first 20 minutes of our "walk"

the boy busied himself identifying fungus

…and this is his demonstration of a chitinous variety with a soft underbelly that can – and must! – be written on.

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