May 27, 2007
yummy pants

I have been Too Busy. Honestly, I can't believe the busy.

Friday: Offered to drive Mason home; managed to shanghai him into making us dinner. I am devious and not to be trusted. Also, seeing Mason cook was awesome: I love love love seeing people work in their metièr. I get all goofy and fannish. Once he was safely home, I scooted to the Indigo to catch the tail end of the Harlot's book launch. There were, of course, no seats…so I stood & knit. Everybody I have ever knit with in Toronto was there, with the notable exception of Sophie – it was cascading waves of knitting friends, and absolutely dizzying. In the general hubub I managed to snack on Emily's tasty baby (SO DELICIOUS), which was prudent because by the time we got to the Dick they were slammed and unable to take my order for a good 15 minutes. (Except that it wasn't a good 15 minutes, it was a bad 15 minutes. I coped by taking swigs out of Jacquie's wine bottle.)

Knit knit knit drink drink drink laugh laugh laugh. Went home well before I wanted to, but not before Amy told me a wonderful thing about the next Knitty. I will share when able. It's one of those "I could tell you but I'd have to kill you" type things, or if you're a friend I made before 2005, it's one of those "I could tell you but you wouldn't care a jot" type things. Except that it's about me, so you may care a button or a fig. Depends on how amusing you find this knitting obsession of mine. Anyway.

Yesterday: The first three hours were dedicated to the proposition that my new couch will not fit in the living room until we move most of the boxes. Also, my dad dropped a bombshell most casually when he told me on Thursday that the 12 crates holding a good portion of my junk needed to be back at the moving place on Sunday. So I spent a longish time unpacking, sorting and moving. The substantial reward is that as of last night I have a living room space, not just a loose collection of totes and re-purposed french fry boxes. (I still have those, but they've moved three feet into the dining room part of the room. I love these nebulous distinctions in real estate! I don't have one unwieldy, bowling-alley-length room, I have a living room/dining room. Emphasis on the slash. Also, is it too late to turn it into a bowling lane? If only I had the fries that came with those boxes; I think I could really make a go of it.)

At one we headed down the highway to Avon. Our mission: pick up a quarter cow for my parents. We went last year and really enjoyed ourselves, even if Blake did focus on the cats rather than the cows (I think it was a scale issue; he ignored what was too big to comprehend). This year he was much more willing to accept the reality of the cows and we spent a pleasant hour visiting, making friends with the puppy and the barn cats, trying to make the cows come closer for a photo and avoiding the electric fence. Once again I found a calf that was interested in suckling at my jeans and I went away with pants stiff with cow spit. Funny for everyone in the area, especially the part when the calf was sucking at my forearm and a cat was sharpening her claws in my shin. For someone like me who didn't grow up with pets, being buried in animals was a unique sensation to say the least.

On the way home we stopped in to a new RPG war games shop that is connected in some way to one of my co-workers. She had given me the card on Friday, but I figured we would be Way Too Busy (I was right). And yet, when I told the Boy that there was a store of this nature opening that day, with giveaways and general joie de vivre, he started hyperventilating and almost rear-ended the car in front of us. So we went on the way back. Blake got to learn about miniature military entrenchments and I got my first set of d10's. (I told the Boy that he really dropped the poly-sided ball if a stranger had to give me my first non-d6. Hee.)

Got home way too late; so late that I couldn't think for hunger. Bolted my portion of a grocery store chicken and turned up my nose at the sides in favour of left-over corn from yesterday (thanks again, Mason!). After Blake went to bed, the Boy & I sat up reading & knitting. A good day but exhausting, not to mention a little sweaty & spitty. Still, I enjoyed myself.

Well, that's about all the time I have. Right now it's church, then a party at Opera Sarah's (bbq! Yum!) Tonight I'm off to Poppy's house, where I get to play an itinerant au pair for the twinz. I get a four-hour shift in the night, plus breakfast & a drive to work tomorrow, plus the gratitude of two lovely mommies. The only way I could improve on this plan would be to add two hours to mark papers…but what are you going to do? Answer: stall the students. ("Kids! We're going to talk about our weekends today!")

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