May 06, 2007
the milk was low-cal, but what did it matter?

In the past 36 hours I have attended the following events:

  1. The local Green Home Expo
  2. Free Comic Book Day at the Beguiling
  3. Bridesmaidmania IV
  4. Church, and
  5. the annual exhibition of a local Quilting Guild
I have fallen asleep wearing smeared makeup, a string of Cinco de Mayo beads and a candy necklace. I have escorted my son to every public toilet on the planet and chased him all through both Value and Mirvish Villages. I have flirted with the idea of expanding my crafting (I tend to be pretty monogamous when it comes to the pointy sticks. It's like tarot cards: if you're untrue to the knitting, the knitting turns on you.) I have seen surprisingly few friends but made a number of fun new acquaintances. I have seriously considered buying an accordion. And, unlike my usual social calendar of late, none of it has involved knitting and some of it has involved fishnet stockings. Cooool.

I'm going to see Daniel Johnston tonight (whoot!) and I have about an hour and a half of marking to go, so I'll pick this up tomorrow. First the writing dries up for lack of event, and now the events are crowding out the writing. Ironic, that.

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