May 08, 2007
let's get ready to ruffle!

So, following hot on the heels of the pig incident, Mason managed to lose one of my knitting bags yesterday. I had lent it to him last week with the barely-started second kimono because I wanted to hook him on the project (he's not knitting right now; I need to not knit a second kimono right away or I will seriously lose my knit). It’s not a proper knitting bag, rather, it's a baby bag Theresa gave me that's a bit awkward when loaded up with baby stuff, so it lay unused for years until I resuscitated it as a knitting bag. It's made of Nova Scotia tartan and it has no tag, so there was no possibility of replacement.

I wasn't too worked up about it; between the shame-guilt of my unfinished weekend marking and the new house, I don't have many grey cells left over for random sadness. Mason thought I was being overly accommodating (hiding rage, he supposed), but my real response was, "how is this about my house, now?"

Anyway, the bag resurfaced with one of my yoganaut friends and Mason feels better. This is the best thing that's happened to me in two full days; that alone should tell you how crummy my week has been.

Bridesmaidmania was a big corsage of excellent this year. I was afraid that it would be like last year with big gaps in the fun and the conspicuous lack of dancing (until the end). Turns out that was mostly due to the tiara; without it, I had a blast. (I don't look any better, but what can I say. It's been a bad year for my physical appearance: lots of stress-eating and an unbroken string of bad haircuts. Plus, the pimples of my adolescence seem to be returning, one at a time.) Cyn and Mike were the special Bride & Groom this year, and knowing a big chunk of the participants helped me feel comfortable without Dirk.

(Oh, yeah. Dirk bailed on me. He spaced on the date and made alternate plans in another city, leaving me with a week of "should I stay or should I go" type decision-making.)

I also made some new friends, relying on my special combo of hideous dress, brazen conversation, and funky dance moves. Plus, this crowd loves the fact that I'm a teacher and I can surf on that fascination endlessly. It's the kind of event where you can discuss everything under the sun, and then move to a new conversation at will because there's just so damn much going on. Because of the extreme busyness of this weekend, I had asked the Boy to pick me up early; when he did, I was sorry to go.

I didn't, however, leave with my reputation intact:

More photos here.

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