May 18, 2007
meme for me me

7 Weird Things, for Michelle

  1. I have drunk human blood. It wasn't a vampire thing; it was a trust thing. (Okay, it was kind of a vampire thing.)
  2. My happy place is a yarn store that I co-own with Johnny Depp. We spend afternoons knitting on the same pair of socks. It's not a sex thing; it's a yarn thing. (It might be a sex thing.)
  3. I've been a regular church-attendee since I was a child. That Belle & Sebastian line about S&M & Bible study might have been about me at one time. (Not now.)
  4. I didn't wear a bra for about 9 years. Then I gained a lot of weight & got pregnant. Enter the bra.
  5. I don't eat strawberries. Wasn't raised to them; don't like them.
  6. One of my teeth is from the baby set. It'll fall out one day and I'll have a charming gap, but until then I try to act spooky with one normal and one stunted canine.
  7. I dress my son in pink girls' clothes from time to time. I don't happen to think this is odd, but it makes some people positively red in the face.
No tags because I'm feeling misanthropic and unhappy tonight.


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