May 10, 2007
sleep, yarn & warm candy

One more sleep until home ownership! (Or as Scherezade would say, homo-nership. Except that she prolly wouldn't.) I'm too sleepy after last night's excesses to really get worked up, but my molten core is in a whirl. We're slowly amassing empty boxes for the first stage of the move (this despite my oft-repeated assertion that I'm not going to pack because "we'll just get new shit later.") Tomorrow morning we begin Bookshelves: the Stripping. Can't! Wait!

My excesses were yarny this week, surfeit as I am with the other kind after Bridesmaidmania last Saturday. Last night Amy, Editrix of Knitty had a book launch party for No Sheep For You, and everyone was invited. As I spent the first two hours of my off-time signing papers in a law office, I was more than ready to kick back and win some prizes. I immersed myself in ridiculous conversation (only slightly knitting-related, by the way), drank two beers in-between gorging on guacamole, and ate two pieces of the most welcome pizza since the days I could close out the Garden and hit Amato on the way home. It makes me so deliriously happy that these people know me, accept me and even look forward to seeing me. I haven't felt that kind of group love in a long time.

Plus, I scored a knitload of free yarn. First a ball of fuschia Cashsoft, then a skein of coral something-or-other, and a yummy tangle of lime green Blue Sky Cotton. This paired with the Peach Sock Candy I rescued from the bin made my haul look like a hibiscus blossom, and I was deeply smitten. Sockapalooza, look out! Big Pink is coming to town!!

One more Bridesmaidmania story: since I had no purse and was responsible for candy and flyer dispersal, I decided to tuck these giveaways into my dress. My only problem was that without a bra, it all migrated to my gut. By the time we were walking down Queen West, I was fishing lollypops out of my top. Not sexy, unless you dig the granny aesthetic. But definitely scary to the 20-year-olds on the patio at the Black Bull.

"When you're a bridesmaid and you're not married, you get loaded because it's not your day. When you're a bridesmaid and you're already married, you get loaded because it will never be your day again." – my bitter pronouncement outside the Willow. This was greeted with a many-voiced sigh of sadness and various attempts to soften the blow. And yet it's the truth.

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