April 18, 2007
r is for 'report cards'

Sorry about falling off the face of the earth like that. Last week was probably the worst week to buy a house, considering that I was getting sick, report cards were due on Monday, and the Boy was arranging job interviews like a crazyman. I spent all weekend in the basement: marking, cursing, calculating, chatting with Mason on Fb about how much damn marking I had to do, flipping through the Ikea catalogue, and festering. My morning shower on Monday was so beautiful that it brought tears to my eyes.

So did the fact that I still had an entire set of essays to mark as of 9 p.m. that night. The Boy rescued me, as that is his superpower (he marks to stop the wailing & gnashing of teeth and I love him for that.) This is the first time he's had to bail me out like this in at least a year, which means that I've come an awfully long way. I took a sick day today to deal with my cold and re-mark the papers (to add comments and check my perceptions against the finished product); so far it's turning out an awful lot like my weekend. Rocketbride needs a good washing.

"It's kind of a shame that I'm doing some of my best festering outside of Ferg, but change of location is no excuse not to try for excellence." - october 10, 1998

"Nerds, geriatrics and moms. You forgot moms." - me

And revisiting the concept of festering leads us to...

Zeena (Warrior Princess from Ferg res) invited a bunch of people on the Fb out to a party this Saturday, but a number of us are felled by exams, papers, and in my case, parenthood and pending home ownership. I kind of want to go, but the whole idea of 10 p when:

  1. I'll be knitting at the Dick on Friday, probably into the wee hours, then
  2. getting up early to give the Blake breakfast, etc. so that I can be ready for the house inspection at 10 am
...kind of kills my desire to head back into town for another late night. Plus, it almost guarantees that I'll spend all of Sunday recovering. I missed church last week because of report cards and I missed an operetta and a baby. Don't want to take that chance again.

To recap: the scary thing about this Facebook fenom is that I'm getting more invites than I did before. Not scary because of the invites, but scary because it makes it all the harder to give up. As Mason likes to say, I've grown accustomed to this Facebook.

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