May 03, 2007
91: when irish springs are smiling

From the girls at MDK: a ballband dishcloth in stash cotton. I'm stashbusting and decorating my new house all at the same time! This must be heaven.

the countdown to the end of basement shots starts now!

The base colour is what remained after Pixie's pixie hat. (Next time I make a shaped hat I'll be sure to use a lighter fiber than cotton!) The varied cotton was purchased by the Boy last year; he went through a knitting phase in which he decided he would only spend a few bucks for a ball of yarn. Hence, worsted dishcloth-type cotton. He soon decided that he hated knitting cotton, and was happy to let me use this as my first dishcloth experiment.

My bathroom is green...this may end up in the shower. Yee!

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