April 28, 2007

I went to the Knitter's Frolic today, armed with a full water bottle, a half-completed cotton dishcloth and $25 in loonies & toonies. As I've been sick this week, I decided that the shower was optional, a decision that I came to regret as I descended further and further into greaseball-dom. I wore my genius momasaurus sweater, a sartorial choice that never fails to garner compliments (although I have to confess every time that I didn't make it myself).

Despite my shoestring budget, I had a great time. I met Sophie & Lisa almost immediately, and was introduced to Sophie's mom. And wouldn't you know it, Sophie's mom is just as delightful as Sophie herself (only more vintage, y'see.) Cheryl & Andrea were also there, and I spent a great two hours watching them shop. Talking about my house and touching nice yarn is almost as good as getting it for yourself. No, really.

I found my own yarn almost immediately, but I waited till the end to buy it in case there was a yarn emergency. (There wasn't.) I also managed to scrounge up a few more bucks halfway through the afternoon, and was thus enabled to buy four cookies for a dollar. I had intended to share, but Andrea & Cheryl were already full of cookies…so I gave them to Rachael H. & the Yarn Harlot, who wandered by at the right moment. I think that I managed not to act star struck & doofusy, but then again, I had just given them cookies; I don't know if that adds or subtracts points to the Doofus Quotient.

As it was getting late, I went back for my yarn: 3 skeins of honey yellow for next year's scarf & hat, and one skein of grey for the anniversary (this year is wool!). I even had two dollars and twenty cents left over, which made me immeasurably proud of myself. Plus, I had lots of fun for free: Laura stamped my hand with the Lettuce Knit stamp & Jacquie let me read the list of raffle winners. It was a completely satisfying experience.

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