May 30, 2007

So, I'm becoming a little disenchanted with the guy who renovated our house before he sold it to us. I mean, it's easy to be suspicious of a house flipper, especially when you know how much he paid for it (i.e. 70 grand less than we). And as I've noticed little imperfections – the way the baseboard doesn't meet the bathroom tile, or the hardwood on the landing peeling up, or the really crappy caulking used on the front door threshold – I've tried to be reasonable. Moving puts a lot of wear & tear on a house, and I could never be sure that the little imperfections were due to crummy materials or abuse on our parts. Then today I noticed that the caulking in between my tiles is crumbling. I get little pieces of stone stuck painfully to my feet whenever I walk through the kitchen. This is brand new caulking, and it's acting like toothpaste. Fu-uck.

I can't even call Mike Holmes to kick this guy's ego on prime time because we didn't pay him to reno, we bought the house "as is". Again I say: fuck.


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