April 07, 2007
89: dino hood

I wanted to finish my mystery knit for Blake this Easter, but it's not going to happen. Instead I put the boots to myself and did the final bit of sewing required to make this hood functional. Dinosaurs laid eggs; eggs are an important part of Easter celebrations (on the pagan side); therefore this is logical. Kinda.

you may notice that blake is not the model in this pic

It's a dinosaur hood from a pattern at Moth Heaven. This one was done up in the Peace Fleece left over from Blake's Accordion Sweater: yummy hemlock & shaba greens. My friend Esther made Blake some shaba green mittens much earlier in the season, so this hood completes his reptile ensemble.

And why is the Boy wearing it? Because Blake hates all my handknits for a few days. I've come to accept it.

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