February 14, 2007
there's no day like a

…unless it's a Snow Day on Valentine's Day! In which case its awesomeness knows no bounds. Granted, I've only been awake for 2 hours (since Blake started the Bristol Stomp in our bed), but it seems pretty excellent so far. I made oatmeal with bananas & raisins for breakfast, and now the Boy is watching Tristam Shandy and the Blake is rolling around on the floor with no bottoms on. Lots and lots of potential for excellence so far. And Geoff Berner at the BIAF tonight, once the good people clear the roads and we straighten out the Mystery of the Missing Festival Pass (I suspect the Registrix in the Study with a Flickering Computer Screen).


Well, that was a pretty good day. I finished Tristam Shandy (yay Stephen Fry!) and my brother's wristwarmers (yay warm!). We did a round of errands late in the day, as Nic needed a ride to the BIAF so he could help set up. We let Blake run around the near-deserted theatre and weave in & out of harried volunteers. He also got a crack at the bathroom art installation, which featured a lot of rescued/scavenged musical children's toys. The really great thing about bringing Blake to this exhibit was that the irony of the set-up melted away under his sincerity. A kid playing with kids' toys? As Dirk likes to say, that's crazy.

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