December 11, 2006

News from the knitting club: both Mason & Poppy have exploded forward. Poppy knit her entire ball of yarn (I gave her the second today, and showed her how to start it) and Mason spent the weekend wishing he could go on with his wife's present (it's a secret). At lunch today we had Poppy knitting a baby blanket, Mason knitting his scarf, the head of the Tech Dept. (i.e. the guy who runs the auto shop) reminiscing about the booties he used to knit after his nana cast on for him, Maeve taking over for a few rows of Poppy's scarf, Mason's teaching buddy (who's been spotting him when I'm not around) talking about learning when she was 6, and me (working on the cuff of my first Knuck). Every person who stopped by our little industrious corner had something enthusiastic to say. I know it's sexist, but I have been absolutely blown away by the fact that a half-dozen men on staff were proud knitters in the past, or at least knowledgeable enough with the jargon to say something intelligent about our efforts.

In short, the whole thing is becoming a full-blown sensation. I never dared to dream that it would be as big as this. I almost feel normal.

Today Blake and I had another long morning of snuggle-snoozing. This is becoming a problem, because I'm too happy to get out of bed anymore. My hygiene is suffering. (Not to mention that Blake took a walk with my deodorant on the weekend and I have yet to find it.)

It reminds me of when the Boy & I were dating, except that I can't skip work with no notice because I'd rather stay in bed with the people I love. And although I wish I had taken my undergraduate degree more seriously, I can't regret the mornings I slept late with the Boy sleeping late beside me.

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