November 27, 2006
luck is the name losers give to their failures

I have to say: Blake's at a pretty awesome age right now. He's getting really good at playing with stuff, he's very funny and creative, and he can clean up his messes with a lot of direction & encouragement from us. That, plus he's become even more affectionate than before. He was always pretty physical, but he's been too busy to stay & cuddle. He's still on a tight schedule, but now he'll make sure you're thoroughly hugged before he moves on to his next thing. We were out at the Boy's mom's house yesterday and he was awesome. Except for the bowl of nuts that he spilled (twice!), he was a model of quirky charm and keen intelligence. Plus, he looks damned good in a sweater vest.

For the last two weekends, I've stayed home to try and nurture myself back to health. When it didn't work, I decided to throw caution to the winds and go out every day for a change. I'm not any better than I was last Monday, but at least I have better stories.

On Friday we went to Jacquie & Paul's Thankswarming party. I'd have to check my records, but I'm pretty sure that's the first party we've been invited to since September, and the first we've been able to attend since St. Stephen's wedding (narrative to come, I swear!). Even if it wasn't, it sure felt like it. Of course, being sick meant that I spent most of the party sitting in a corner, knitting. But that was a-ok, since

  1. I met Jacquie through knitting, so she's used to it.
  2. There was a significant knitter's contingent that needed no encouragement to follow my example. They sat around me in my plush Dora chair and we fondled yarn together.
  3. I got through almost 4 hours without visiting the buffet table, a major achievement if I'm to reach the middle of my BMI range in this lifetime.
  4. I sat down next to Sophie, who understands both the need to knit and the need to wear black, sit in a corner and feel (moderately) sorry for oneself.

We stayed very late, and were very happy to lose track of time.

On Saturday we ran errands and washed some of the endless Rocketfamily laundry. I was feeling even sicker thanks to Friday night's mild excess, so I moved our couples movie date up 5 hours to an early evening show. We met a co-worker and his wife at the Bloor Cinema, all of us intent on seeing Little Miss Sunshine. (This co-worker needs a name. I choose Mason, after Mason Mintz in Doddleflute)

We don't often go on couple dates. Just about everyone we know either has kids, or we've known them way before they became a unit. This was interesting, especially since Mason & I work together. It was kind of like hanging out with my friends from university, except that they've never seen my underwear. Or watched me fall asleep at a party. So that's good.

In all seriousness, it was an inspiring night. I don't think that we'll be BFF, but I can definitely see this as a low-key re-occurring thing. I already liked Mason from our work interactions; now I can like his wife (and not just because she loves him). At the risk of sounding like a Precious Moments figurine, it's good to find something and someone to like, especially if that someone and something involves high quality cinema and enchiladas.

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