December 04, 2006
child! focused! parties!

Well, that was a fun weekend. No pictures, though. I think I left my camera at Stephanie's house Saturday afternoon, which is kind of a drag. At Stephanie's kind invitation, the Original Six (minus the London ex-pats) reunited for three noisy hours. I got some good conversation and remembered why I liked everyone so much the first go-around. I was, however, a little disheartened to confirm that ours was the only two-parent family without a second child (either in process or scooting around). Ah, well. At least I only have the problems of rearing a rambunctious almost-3-year-old, without the added joy of weary pregnancy or infant care. (Although I have to pause in my sour grape serenade to note that all two-kid parents are doing really well. Ciaran & Maeve in particular are so close in age that she doesn't have to catch up -- they're both little people now.)

I was also pleased when Kate, with characteristic honesty, asked if Blake was toilet-trained. Although the shameful answer is "no," at least Ciaran is there with us.

I think I was most surprised with the fact that all the kids are very verbal now. I got used to Blake being the only myna bird in the flock, so it's nice to hear all the fractured stories, genius observations and heartfelt shrieks of the assembled toddler nation.

We re-enacted the famous couch shot (seen below for reference), with about as much success. I don't think we'll get all the kids sitting nicely without the use of heavy sedation. But we live in hope.

We also took in the Kindergarten For Grownups party (another Funkless production from the minds behind Bridesmaidmania) slightly later in the evening. The Boy & I read stories to the "kids," something in which he's more qualified than I, but whatever. There was a lot of heckling, but that's what teaching has prepared me for, so I was able to do the teaching tai chi thing in which I deflect the off-topic remark without losing focus. I read I Was A Second Grade Werewolf and enjoyed myself immensely. The Boy read The True Story of the Three Little Pigs, and he also loved it.

We left shortly afterward, a victim of too much child-themed entertainment. That, and I wanted to leave discreetly before the next act. I don't enjoy off-colour parodies of children's stories. It steals my sunshine.

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