December 10, 2006
a new tradition

I am frickin' exhausted. You'd think I did more today than:

  1. Sleep in surprisingly late
  2. Take my family to church
  3. Knit
  4. Go home & feed my family lunches
  5. Drive to Toronto
  6. Pick up my camera (just in the nick of time - some burglars were eyeing both it and my toothbrush)
  7. Go to Opera Sarah's house
  8. Plop my bum on the couch
  9. Eat & drink
  10. Knit
  11. Chase after Blake, play with him and administer some much-needed times out
  12. Talk with several people I haven't seen in years
  13. Go home
  14. Clean out the final crate of teenaged detritus
  15. Sneeze
  16. Turn my attention to my homework, discover a lack of motivation, then
  17. Open a new diary file.
Nope. That's pretty much it.

Had an excellent time at Sarah & Leo's 10th annual Xmas Open House, as always. I even wore a new outfit this year - usually I just wear my black velveteen dress with the leopard-print cuffs & collars, because where else will I get to wear it? This year I wore my new classy brown outfit. Blake & Demi played with a varying amount of success. We all nibbled too much. And we got to relax & be social. It makes me happy that we can still be invited out once in awhile, despite the fact that we live on the outer limits of known territory and our child is the holy terror of dips everywhere.

Today was White Gift Sunday, and my mom asked Blake to bring her gifts to the front of the church for dedication. Now, Blake's usual MO in church is to tear-ass up the aisle so that he can see the piano or run around behind the communion table, but I'm willing to have a go at anything because I like his energy. Today he walked slowly up the aisle, looking around at everyone singing; placed his gift reverently in the collection totes; and turned around to walk back with me, singing the Wallace & Gromit theme (well, he didn’t know the hymn).

I was delighted. I was impressed. I am in love.

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Don't make me send out the Blake. He doesn't listen to *anyone.*