December 18, 2006
ah choo

So, having made my choice yesterday, I was honour-bound to report for work today. I was a miserable, sneezing, shuddering wreck, but I made it through the day. And I'm going to do it again tomorrow. Yay.

In the tsunami of my illness, I plumb forgot to write about my Friday night. After school the English department (and some others) converged upon our Department Head's home for the traditional holiday gathering. It was a small house, and we spilled all over the place: laughing, eating, talking loudly, eating more, and laughing at all the noise. It's good to be part of such a young department sometimes, because there's lots of energy to go around on a night like this. There was even a couch pile up reminiscent of some highschool parties circa Alexi's old house. Not that I was in it, but they were fun to watch anyway. I was full of good will, full of creamy sweet potatoes, and full of happiness to be in such a lovely crowd.

I also got to hang out with Mason and his cool wife. For no good reason, Mason & I worked ourselves up to hysterical laughter at the kids who fall asleep and drool all over their books (everyone looked at us as we howled). And I got to hear the meet up story, which bears striking similarities to that of the Boy & me. But my favourite part was when Mason (the closeted knitter), played forlornly with my first robot while I worked on this robot's successor. His frustrated-knitter expression alone was worth seeing.


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