June 02, 2006
random craftiness

Every once in awhile I try my hand at something other than knitting. This fulfills two basic needs for me: one, I realize that just because I'm good at knitting doesn't mean I'm good at anything else, and two, I realize how much I like knitting.

The first diversion turned out fairly well, actually. My brother has an old flannel blanket that Blake has come to adore, and my dad has often asked me to embroider "Blake" on it, to match the monogram "Nicholas" that my mom stitched in '79. I resisted the idea at first, as I am nothing if not cognizant of how much embroidery hates me, but one day I just lost my good sense and went at'r.

long shot to show both names

Not to be bitchy, but I think mine turned out better than my mom's. Of course, I did 5 letters to her 8, and I didn't have two toddlers rushing around me as I did so.

The second project was more of a whim. One of the home ec teachers at Hogsboro High held a silk-painting workshop, and I foolishly joined in. Mistake #1: using pencil directly on the silk, then applying the gouda before anyone could correct me. Mistake #2: failing to mix enough green to cover the area, thus creating a horrid patchwork of misbegotten hue. There are no pictures. I wish I could forget this one.

The third project started as an attept to save money, and lingered on through a series of delays (I didn't even think it was possible to run out of black thread.) It's a needle case that follows splityarn's circular needle case tutorial. I loved getting the shirt from Value Village; I loved the crafty glue, and I loved the black elastic. I hated the sewing (boy, was that reciprocated!), and the gluing turned it all a bit wrinkly. Still, it does what it needs to do and it looks cool on my bookshelf. It even holds some dpns that lack a case, so that's good.

chillin' in the sun, like the shirt intended

behold its wrinkly majesty!

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