June 01, 2006
49: showers of booties

The thing about knitting wee things is that you never have an excuse to show up empty-handed at a baby shower. So, for a woman in my church who just had her first child, I made Knitting for Babies' No Slip Baby Booties out of that pretty green Koigu (see FO 38 for the other half of the skein).

[insert baby elephant walk here]

My other knitting is at a virtual standstill. I'm working on another pair of booties for Dirk's roommate, and although the first one is done (picot bind off hurray!) the second is resisting its creation. I think I've spent at least 2 of the last hours sisyphean knitting. (This is when I have to rip out, go back and redo so many times that my net progress is nil.) Pixie's stockings are also suffering from this syndrome, as I obviously had too many stitches in the initial cast on and now must experiment with decreasing. Fortunately, the pattern is written for stitch that's supposed to stretch, so I get to waste a lot of time knitting up enough inches for a proper fitting session. AAArgh. Oh, and I had to rip up my third Dulaan hat because it came out too small for Blake, let alone a child, teen or adult.

My ass is getting kicked by a string and two sticks. Time to go back to that Lana Gatto cardigan.

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