September 14, 2008
does whatever a mommy can

This year’s hunt for a Hallowe’en costume has begun in earnest. Not so much for me, as I have a few old chestnuts as yet unaired at Bat Masterson (is she a vampire or did she just forget to take off last night’s club clothes?). It’s Blake who’s grown into an odd anxiety about his upcoming role. He continually changes his mind, which isn’t making it any easier, but under considerable pressure from his father, he’s decided on Spiderman. Great. It’s what I’ve spent 15 years avoiding: a costume I can’t fake.

The child’s costume industry is one of those grey areas in the marketplace. I find it irritating that I can find every manner of esoteric product online with ease. Look at etsy – there’s always stuff there that I never knew I wanted, and it’s all fully searchable. With costumes, I have to go to the MegloMart and hope. It’s the last area of commerce I indulge in that survives by word-of-mouth. I suppose copyright laws are the problem here, and though I’m generally a supporter of artistic right to royalties, I wish we could get to some sort of agreement so I could search for a damn superhero costume without all the obfuscation.

Hell, I’d send him out in his pj’s if he thought it was acceptable.

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Don't make me send out the Blake. He doesn't listen to *anyone.*