August 24, 2008
i’m just coming here to come down

Today I started to recalibrate emotionally from the intense high I’ve been on since the Folk Festival. Even coming home, I’ve been listening to loud music, seeing friends, spending a lot of time with Mason and out with Blake doing fun things. Today was a humid, frustrating day that followed hot on the heels of another fun but late night at the ZubHaus. Around dinner time, when Blake accidentally kicked over one of Mason’s decorations, I finally lost it and started sobbing.

It’s probably good that I’m getting into this right now. This is always a weird time for me, as summer starts to wind down and people make mischievous comments about going back to school. Have I done enough? Lazed enough? Crafted enough? Slept enough? Seen friends enough? This year the answers are maybe, no, yes, no and never. I have a few more days to work on the first one, and I have the rest of the year to work on the last.

And yet, despite driving home with my eyes sore from weeping and my shoulders slumped from sleeplessness, watching the pink sunset to a soundtrack of Broken Social Scene was just about the most perfect moment of my life. Guess I’m not quite recalibrated yet.

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