August 25, 2008
translation: means i love you

Still in an ecstatic semi-trance, listening to Broken Social Scene. And in case you’re wondering, yes, it is sort of embarrassing to be this into a band that everyone else discovered years ago. I comfort myself with the idea that when they started to hit big, I was teaching, depressed, pregnant, and in a full-on rejection of youth and club culture. I’ve only opened up to new music very recently, because I had to come to it on my own terms (i.e. as a bitter divorcée). It helps to be in a new relationship, and to have the joy of discovering new music to love almost as much as you love that other person.

I’m even starting to like Feist. I had serious reservations after seeing the “1234” video, but it was a lot like my introduction to Q: I didn’t understand the appeal at first, but so many people that I loved, loved him. So I was patient. And then I got it, and we were friends. Maybe Feist will offer to host my web page.

Today is my TCB Day. A bunch of problems that have been dogging me all summer have been suddenly resolved this morning, and I have Blake’s kindergarten confirmed as well as my own enrollment in a hula class. I still have one big loose thread to weave in, but I’ve already followed up this morning and I suppose I can wait a little before I follow up yet again.

The one thing I really need is sleep. I’ve been so happy these last couple of weeks, but I haven’t been sleeping. It’s my own fault, of course: when I’m not getting up too early with Blake, I’m going to bed too late after some get together. The party at Zub Haus was the first party I’ve been to in a long while in which I was still having a terrific time when it was time to go. The fact that all of my social life takes place in another city isn’t helping; that commute knocks at least 2 hours off any sleep I might get.

I think I’m going to celebrate my first Blake-less day in a week with an afternoon nap.


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