May 16, 2008
what are you implying?

One of the things I forgot to mention about Mother's Day was that I hosted a barbeque for my family. Very low stress; just my parents, Nic & the Blake (who fell asleep before eating his burger). My mom even picked up the food, which was a blessing in my post-party-bus state. It was one of the good nights; Foreman-grilled burgers liberally garnished with tonnes of loud conversation & laughter.

dad: "I thought your feet were bigger."
nic: "what are you implying?"
me: "you know."

In contrast to my other weeks, it's been pretty quiet around here. I took Monday as a sick day, and spent it watching videos and eating salty snacks. My parents took Blake that night, meaning that my triumphant return to work on Tuesday was made as easy as possible. I'm having trouble establishing a consistant night routine, what with all the interruptions in service. Almost every night I spend with Blake includes the inner question, "so, what should I be doing now? And when?" When I can get him bathed and into bed before I pass out, I'm doing real well.

On Wednesday my mom & I went to North Gomorrah to see "My Fair Lady." I like spending time with my mom, and I like going to the theatre and I tend to like musicals. Unfortunately, these were the best parts of Wednesday. Eight p.m. on a school night is not a good time for something to begin, at least in my dozy world. I spent most of yesterday craving my bed, and I couldn't lie down fast enough once I got home. My dad, who was over to fool around with my fence, was incredulous that I would want to lie down. Just because I don't do my lying down in front of a teevee doesn't mean we're not alike, Dad.

This weekend is the first one with Blake in a while. I plan to celebrate with a trip to see the local fair and possibly a quest to the grocery store. I am an exciting single mom! Ka-pow!!

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