May 17, 2008

Yesterday my mom gave me some clippings from her lilac bushes, which have predictably exploded into bloom. When I got to work, you'd've thought that no one had noticed spring before that moment. People would say hi to me and suddenly veer in my direction when the smell hit. I think I was the most popular I've ever been in that school. Mason appropriated them in second period, and I had to field phone call after phone call regarding the whereabouts of the flowers. By fourth period, my students had even seen them travelling the halls.

They were pretty awesome, though. Totally deserving of such an uproar. I drove home that day with my thighs clamped around a cascade of spring blossoms; Persephone in a PT Cruiser.

Going to JimZ's birthday tonight. This will be the first time I've seen the Zübhaus when I wasn't a) too drunk to drive home or b) in nominal charge of a wild child. I'm looking forward to it.

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