February 04, 2008
three step gallop

Today was the first day of the new semester, and the less said about that, the better. The brightest spot of my day was the return of Mason, who is now doing behavioural stuff all day (or, as he likes to call it, 5 periods of prep). Unfortunately, there wasn't a lot of time for knitting & chatting, but there's always the rest of the semester. And speaking of segues, here's Sage, the cutest baby of 2007:


sage models a tart hat

sage gets ready for cake!

Tonight after my dance class, my instructor asked me to stay after. Uh oh, I thought. I think I'm cut. Maybe she was going to refund my money as long as I promised never to take another bellydancing class. Instead, she asked me to join a student troupe she's forming. It's not based on ability (which is obvious, considering that she picked me) but personalities. I suppose there's something about the sight of me playing the finger cymbals with my eyes closed, weaving backwards and forwards through the otherwise-orderly rotation of dancers that caught her eye. Or maybe she likes that I knit my own dance socklets. Either way, I'm thrilled. This could be the start of something shimmery.

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