January 25, 2008
104-109: the big catch up

Sorry about that, knittas. The husband told me that he was leaving in early December, which sent me into a funk so deep that I couldn't craft for awhile. Then, when I was finishing stuff like mad, my camera was missing. This is the first day that I've had pics and details for anything since November.

104: tintinito mittens

Blake has these awesomely wacky shoes that Nic bought him last birthday. I started these matching mittens last winter, but put them aside for a really long while. It was only when I realized that I had nothing for Blake's birthday that I lit a fire under my butt and finished the embroidery. Yarn is Patons Classic Merino (except the red, which is Cascade 220 superwash) and the pattern is the basic mitten from Knitting for Peace.

blurry but fun

105: Nic's beanie

Last year I loved making his armwarmers so much that I decided to make him a beanie out of the same variegated Patons merino yarn. Then I ran out of yarn. So this became his Christmas present, and one of only two knit presents for the holiday (I was sad). Pattern is the Boy Beanie from The Happy Hooker. No picture yet.

106: Blake's Sleep Socks

Ever since Blake aged out of footie pj's (or more accurately, ever since he stopped wearing a diaper all night) he's wanted special sleep socks. I managed to crank out his pair in time for Christmas. He wears them every night, and has thanked me for them without prompting many times. (Love!) The pattern is based on the rotating rib from Traditional Knitted Socks, and they have no heel. The yarn is Patons Kroy.

sleep socks

107: Replacement Armwarmer

The Nic lost his left armwarmer. (He told me this when I gave him the beanie.) This is the new armwarmer. Patons Classic Merino variegated, my own pattern.

Nic's Glove

108: Last Minute Fetchings

I was lame enough to show up to Stacy's surprise birthday party with a loud kid and no gift. This was my week late/buck short attempt to make it up to her. The yarn is Dream in Colour "Classy" in a purple colourway that reminds me of Stacy's hair back in 2001. The pattern is Fetching, of course. They are quite possibly the most beautiful garments I have ever made. Sorry there's no picture.

that's the hair I remember!

109: Fluffy Cuff Mittens

I've always wanted knit mittens. I constantly extol their virtues. And yet I've never knit myself a pair. I've been planning these ones since the July Knitty Yarn tasting when I went home with a fantastic sample of pistachio coloured mohair boucle from a South African company called Be Sweet. Later that summer, I bought a ball of chartreuse Lion Brand Wool while we were on vacation in Watertown. This week was their moment, and I hardly stopped knitting them to teach, mark, eat, mother, etc. I remain insanely infatuated with them.

Pattern: Fluffy Cuff Mittens in Sn'B, mated with the Basic Mittens in Knitting for Peace (which uses worsted weight).

fluffy cuff mitts

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