January 24, 2008
skeins of love

I am being showered with blessings this week, my knitsibs once again wrapping me in their skeins of love. Last night I took advantage of my first weeknight off in a month to visit the Lettuce Knit Sn'B without a small troublesome boy as backup. (God knows I love him, but it's hard to keep him interested in knitnight when he's il-knit-erate.) I always feel welcome at LK, but this week it seemed like everyone was going out of their way to comment on how awesome I look these days. (And here I am thinking that I need a haircut before I completely dissolve into skiddish rattiness.) Once again I was struck by the comfort I feel being in a knitting circle lately, as people are neither nosy nor busily trying to ignore my single status. I even got into a rant about the missing Peanuts Christmas CD without feeling totally full of myself. Amy offered to give me an extra copy, but I decided at that moment that I would much prefer to replace the Boy's missing possessions by making my future boyfriends buy me things. I'm thinking that after 9 years of scrupulous adherence to "it's about love, not things," and being left with neither, I'd like some things by which to remember the next ones. Because right now I've got a few t-shirts, a few books & CD's, two rings, a really great Rodin reproduction, and a 6 1/2 year old houseplant named Beryl whose fierce desire to survive has managed to triumph despite all of my extremely half-assed attempts to keep her alive. Not exactly a collection worth auctioning at Christie's.

Ahem. But I was focussing on non-tangible blessings, like the long hug from Rachael H. and the chance to play with a rageful Fenner and my name - yes, mine - in the acknowledgments section of Amy's brand new Big Girl Knits 2 book. I know that nobody reads the acknowledgments pages unless they're in them, but there I am! Thanked by Amy "le Knitty c'est moi" Singer! And it's not like that one bit is more important than any of the other outpourings of love last night, but it is easier to brag about.

As if last night's Caramel Baileys-fuelled shenanigans weren't enough to coast on, today photographer, knitter and organizer non pareil Jacquie B put my blog up as one of her favourites. If this keeps up, I won't be able to knit myself a hat big enough for my head.

My picks:

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