January 12, 2008
worn out with the knitting and the baby snuggling

This is my second weekend off, and true to form, I've stayed up too late, overslept, and hardly touched my professional work. I did get a lot of domestic stuff done, though, and in my defence my dad was over at the house for close to 5 hours. I love my dad, but he's kind of lonely now that he's in retirement. When no one else is around, he often comes up with a project for my house, which is extra fun when I've been awake for 10 minutes and being asked about programmable light switches. I ended up cooking dinner for the two of us, as the alternative was each eating alone in our quiet houses. I figured that I owed it to my mom to feed him at least a few times.

(Why, yes, the Boy did cite feeling smothered by my family as a reason for his desertion. How observant of you.)

My other bit of defence is that my late night and later morning were the result of genuine social interaction and not pointless websurfery. Last night I had an extended visit with Mason's baby Sage, after which I went to Drunken Knitting and closed the night down. I am completely in love with Sage, and found a way to hold him for most of the three hours that I was over at his house. (I even have a touch of carpal tunnel in my forearms today, which makes me feel like a bit of a mommy copycat.) No pictures because my camera is taking some exotic vacation of which I was uninformed (read: lost). Take my word for it: he may very well be the most beautiful baby since a certain alien-eyed moppet stole our hearts in 2003.

Drunken Knitting was also awesomely awesome (and featured a soundtrack bonus, as we were unexpectedly rocked like a hurricane.) The Gorgeous Ladies of Yarn were more than ready to dish about my domestic bizness, which is a welcome change from some of the other groups I've been in of late. (The only thing worse than talking about my marriage dissolving is not talking about my marriage dissolving.) I was humbled by the revelation that I am the most sexually inexperienced knitter in that pool by a factor of 20. Or maybe I was relieved. I can't remember.

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