February 03, 2008
binging the night away

I'm listening to the soundtrack for The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford. Have I seen this movie? No. Why do I own it? Because yesterday when we were in Rotate This, Scherezade handed me the CD, pointing out that it was by Nick Cave. Lovely stuff. I'm going to bring it to work, as it will drown out incidental conversation but not distract me like the TMBG clock radio.

I went on a bit of a binge yesterday, as I tend to do when I shop these days. I find going out to shop such a pointy pain in the rear that I avoid it at all costs - the grocery store is trouble enough, thank you. Either I'm wrangling Blake or I'm rushing to get to Blake, and neither state is fun. Yesterday was one of the exceptions that make the other shopping trips pale in comparison. I was downtown sans bebe for a haircut from Destiny, Scherezade's highschool friend who has a gorgeous salon on Queen West. Then, as we were on Queen West, Scherezade and I did some lunching and shopping.

I find these trips tremendously satisfying, as they are the perfect mix of predictable and unpredictable: we go into the same types of places, but each time we're brand new, with new things to share and discuss and laugh over. (Why yes, I am getting back into Catcher in the Rye mode, how observant of you.) New CD's include the one above, the Beck with the stickers, Arcade Fire, the latest Interpol & Ramones "Mania" (of which I used to have a burned copy a few years ago, but have since lost track). I figure it's time to start plugging the gaps in the music collection - I've been rearranging the living room, but I still have more shelves than media right now. I also bought a poster of In the Night Kitchen for Blake, as we've been reading it pretty continually since Christmas. Before that, I took Scherezade to Romni to pick out some fantastic purple Manos yarn for an Urchin, as she admired mine last week. Somewhere in there were enchiladas at La Hacienda, and pestering Scherezade to buy the first Thursday Next novel at Bakka, and Scherezade buying the Shins CD on the store's speakers and creating the first silence I've ever heard at Rotate This.

I only left because I felt guilty to be having so much fun while Blake cooled his heels at my parents'. I made it up to him by taking him to a Caribbean-themed church supper, at which he danced with the other kids until the steel band cried for mercy. Or maybe I cried for mercy. I can't remember.

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