February 22, 2008
stupid things

"You do stupid things that I don't like!"
- Blake, this morning, when the rage subsided enough for him to speak

I had a really great entry for Wednesday, but then I thought better of it. As I learned from the great Q & Stacy Rumour Disaster of 2002, sometimes I need to think twice before publishing something on the Internet. It will see the light of day eventually. All we need to say for now is that I cried myself to sleep on Tuesday and made all of my co-workers join my pity party on Wednesday, whether they wished to or not. Everything got better when I made it to my knitsibs, big fat burrito in hand and wool fumes buoying me up. I only had to tell a few people before I was okay again. I even got a phone call, which left me gobsmacked because only one person knew where I was going that night and I thought I was moving renegade, under the cover of the eclipse. Not so much. But being found was pretty terrific, too.

Tonight I pack up the Blake's stuff for the weekend and spend the night making something for Hestia's b-day tomorrow. I love a good kids' party, and between Andrea and Opera Sarah, I've been invited to some of the best lately.

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Don't make me send out the Blake. He doesn't listen to *anyone.*