February 13, 2008
ground-up princesses in every bite. mmm.

What a weird week. I don't feel like I'm so busy that I don't have time to write, but here we are. The real problem is bedtime; by the time I get supper cooked and eaten, the dishes washed, the Blake washed, and everyone brushed, medicated and pj'd, the sleepiness is almost unbearable. Reading 2-3 stories to the Blake while snuggled under his giraffe duvet would reduce anyone to quiet somnolence, and now that I'm off Diet Coke for Lent my resistance has dropped even further. It's all I can do to stagger to my own bed before I drop off. I certainly don't feel like going downstairs to write.

Anyway. We're in the eleventh year of this journal, and I started making excuses for not writing by roughly the fourth entry. At this point, you'll take what I give and you'll like it! Or you won't and you'll find someone regular! See if I care.

I continue to get a tremendous kick out of bellydancing, even though I'm still not very good (yet). My yoga class has been on hiatus due to hives (not mine, fortunately). Blake is still a stubborn non-skater, despite regular lessons. The Boy abides apart. And Beryl bloomed!

The most exciting part of our recent days was K8rs' birthday party at the JCC. On Saturday afternoon I picked up Blake from the Casa Nova and took him to the Annex for 2 hours of supervised fun! It was everything a birthday party should be: treats, climbing equipment, a ball pit, story books, cheese pizza, a parachute, cupcakes and tonnes of other little guys running around. K8 seemed to like the amigurumi cupcake, although Simon wasn't too interested in his mug of hot chocolate. Blake kept running up to him and demanding that he accept the gift. Everytime Blake insisted, Simon looked at him and walked away. I love kids.

Blake's favourite part was the princess cake, which may or may not have tasted like real princesses. My favourite part was walking around with him on Queen West, trying to find a birthday card before the party. Unfortunately, all of the cute boutiques were closed, so we were reduced to window shopping and gawking at all the dogs being walked. And that, plus lots of Orangina and Simon eating paint and the car getting stuck in the snow, was our afternoon. When I got home I had to take the rest of the day off. I didn't think that I would need to, but I lay down on the couch for a bit with a book and my knitting and when I felt like getting up, it was bedtime.

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