February 14, 2008
2008 biaf, day 1

Day 2 of the BIAF. I'm not going tonight, as is my custom. I know myself too well to think that I'll have the energy for three full nights in a row, especially when they start on Wednesday. Yesterday I went by myself, which was perfectly adequate. It would have been nice to have a friend along, but who wants to come to Brampton on a Wednesday night? My brother was around -- somewhere -- and we'll be driving in together on Friday night, but other than that I just enjoyed the solitude.

I also really enjoyed the Chinguacousy Collective - great big pounding teenager fun - and I didn't expect to, because I do not enjoy seeing my dempgraphic on my time off. Scott Thompson played the sousaphone in his underwear again. Toca Loca did some stuff with maracas that I wouldn't have thought possible. And the Molonari String Quartet did a lot of shouting in the midst of their string work, which seems more fun when I remember it than it seemed at the time (although they did some pretty enjoyable playing when it was modernist rather than post-).But I think my favourites (excluding the Tiny Chef puppet, which belongs in a class of appreciation all his own) were the films. "Paradise" was a stop motion film with really compelling automatons, and how thier lives fall apart. And I loved loved loved the VOC Silent Film Harmonic, who played live music to two Guy Maddin films. These were worth the price of admission.

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