January 02, 2008
it's a new year: careful what you pack

Ugh. I've been feeling crummy all day long, but I'm blessed in that it's not emotional but rather the kind of physical holiday crud that has so far eluded me. I'm sure that my delayed illness was the universe's way of paying me back for the Boy's defection, much like finding a parking spot in less than a minute on Boxing Day and my wallet being returned with all the plastic and a $20 bill still inside. Thanks, impartial sense of justice.

And yet, despite feeling run down I braved the cold cold air to toboggan with the Blake & my dad at a local park. Three times down the hill was enough for us, and we spent the rest of the day putzing around. Mommy likes her lie-downs on days like today. Mommy also likes her new rabbit ears, the ones that allow her to pick up half a dozen UHF channels after a teevee fast of seven months. Somehow feeling like this is more palatable when you can distract the little one with a Reading Rainbow episode.

It's weird how much of my time has been freed up by the Boy's defection. With all of the time that I'm not spending trying to communicate with him, I can spend 2 extra hours in bed in the morning, have a lie down in the afternoon sun, read for almost 2 hours and yet still be reasonably productive. Today was about closets. Blake's room swap is now in the final stages, and I have a pretty cozy craft room. I might just keep the Buzz Lightyear decals, if he lets me.

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