July 21, 2007
so very busy

It may be the last Potter Day, but it doesn't seem to apply to those of us who didn't pick priority shipment. I can't believe I fell into this trap a second time. (My first Freudian slip was "I can't believe I fell into this trap a second tome." Just as appropriate if harder to parse.) My confirmation email says that I have until Tuesday…or maybe Wednesday. Good thing that there is lots of stuff going on to keep me distracted (although last Potter Day in the hospital was pretty damned distracting. God forbid I should be so distracted again.)

Instead of spending all day with Book 7, I:

Oh, yeah. I have lots to do. Plus, I'm on the fourth book of A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, which may be surrounded with less hype (being published in 1943) but is no less compelling. No, really.

Entry concluded in my oft-neglected knit journal

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