July 04, 2007
93: twin booties

finished: June 11

More booties, because Poppy's twins aren't going to be able to knit for a while. I finished the blue pair by raiding every left-over scrap from every skein of Koigu I've ever bought, including the wee bit leftover from when Annie Modesitt came to Drunken Knitters without yarn or needles.

(Nota Bene: They are blue and orange because I like those colours, hear? I will not hear any bullshit about gender colour coding, thankyouVERYmuch. Mama don't play that.)

These were done for a long time, awaiting for notions and finishing. Once they were done, I popped them in a brown paper bag and took them to school. "Hey, Poppy," I said, barging into her office first thing in the morning, "I made some extra lunch, ya want it??"

"You're so sweet, I --oooohhhh."

Quite possibly the best reaction ever.

now to get them on the twins...

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