July 07, 2007
sew what?

I had a lot of fun this morning. As soon as Blake & I finished breakfast, we sat on the couch for some reading/chilling time. During this pause, I noticed something exciting across the street: a yard sale! Blake, despite his bad associations with the concept (think: Toy Story 2) and the fact he was still in pjs was easily convinced to go across the street. I found a haul of excellently tacky knit & crochet patterns, and managed to wander into a psychodrama.

"Blake, don't go anywhere," I cautioned, "we have to pay for these patterns."

"Nope," said the middle-aged man in charge. "Just take them. They're women things. She left me, and I don't care what happens to her stuff." He went over to another customer and continued, "all purses for a dollar. Women stuff. She paid twenty dollars – of my money! – for that purse. You can have it for a dollar."

It took all the social grace I had not to back away slowly, but instead to turn and walk like I heard this sort of thing all the time. As we moved around that morning, I continued to catch glimpses into the marital trainwreck across the way, courtesy of the curiosity of other customers and a loud cellphone conversation.

i keep typing "yarn sale" by accident

Gee, I hope she won't need that crocheted vest pattern now that she's living with her boyfriend.

In other crafty news, I managed to get myself a free afternoon while the boys were out buffing the hog, so I set up the sewing machine and started to make curtains. It took 2 hours, and I need a curtain rod for the final step, so I'm not done yet. Still, despite the extremely salty language that spewed out of me during the set up, and despite the fun of only having one plug (so I could use the sewing machine and the iron, just not at the same time)… I think I'm going to do this again.

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