July 21, 2007
yarn tasting

Last night I went to a yarn tasting event. The tagline was "a yarn tasting event like no other," but I can't say as I've ever heard of a yarn tasting that I could compare it to. It was hosted by Knitty magazine and featured some of my favourite locals, sweet treats, and a tonne of yarn. My swatches tell the story.

the yums and the yucks, with one lace AWOL

There was only one bit of unpleasantness, which I hope will be resolved next time. Let's just say that some of us become aggressive when the words "free yarn" are spoken, and others absent themselves from the fray in disgust. Then still others, who have some yarn, get pissed off on behalf of those who don't. I'm in that last group.

Still, my upset made it necessary to go eat snacks with Amy, Lisa & Jacquie, and there's nothing wrong with microbrewed beer and fresh hummus at midnight. (Even though it was this last bit of socialization that turned me into a gut-rotted zombie this morning when Blake came back home, I regret nothing. Nothing! No comeuppance! (shakes fist at heavens))

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