July 03, 2007
hey little sister, what have you done?

Many things have happened over the past few days, the most important of which is, I suppose, that the Boy & I got the house in spectacular shape for Sunday's après party party. I had expected that everyone would be too tired after eating and swimming & celebrating my uncle's spring wedding to spend more than a token visit at the house, but I was happily surprised. They came for an hour, made themselves at home, ate almost all of the low-fat bean dip, and disappeared on the stroke of six. My dad has been heard to remark that the house looked perfect; so much so that he's started to talk about buying it when we move (a long ways down the road). My mom? Not impressed with this speculation. She does, however, dig the house and that’s all I want.

The avant "party party" party (or, the party) was excellent as well. I got to make an impromptu toast to my uncles, and the rest of my relatives actually shut up for 2 seconds. A blue-eyed miracle.

Speaking of family, my sister Pixie got married last weekend. She would have pulled it off in complete secrecy, but she drunkenly spilled the beans to Scout (or so the story goes), and Scout immediately bought a plane ticket. Scout has been maid of honour at all but one of her family's recent marriages; no one elopes on her watch.

The groom? We get to meet him next month. I can't say anything nice about him because I wouldn't know him from Adam. He seems to have made Pixie happy, and that's all that matters in the long run.

From the No Good Reason Dept.

Hey look, I actually had a good hair day in 2007:

And this is what I'd look like as drawn by Matt Groening. This picture comes courtesy of a tripple-dog-dare from Alexi. Ha! Ex dares are the most serious, and I never beck down from a dare to begin with.

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