July 24, 2007
a little glowing friend

Exhausted. Yesterday the Boy & I kicked it old school, which means that today we're kicking it nap school. We're taking it in turns to look after Blake, and our meals have been of the lowest-effort, newbie adult range. I'm pretty sure that if Blake weren't here, we'd be subsisting solely on the banana bread I made yesterday.

Our copy of Harry Potter and the Hatful of Hollow arrived yesterday. Thank heaven we only have the one copy; somebody's got to keep an eye out for Blake, and with two copies he'd be quickly kidnapped and brainwashed by the squirrels that live in our backyard. (They'll raise him as one of their own; it's the ultimate insult.) I kind of look down on couples that have to get two copies, but at least they know themselves well enough to head off argument.

And what did we do to work us into such a state of sleep-deprived foolishness? Answer: They Might Be Giants. They played a gig last night, and I was one of the few who heard about it in time to get tickets. This is the first time I've seen them, and I didn't bother to do any networking about it as I don't know anyone who's a hardcore fan. Turns out I was wrong, as I met Stacy & her boy Jim in the line, then Algernon farther up the line, then Jendricks and her man in the crowd, then a guy from res next to me. Awesome. I love that I got a representative from all of my social groups without having to do any planning whatsoever: goth, geek, knit, res.

The show was both shocking and not. I appreciate the musicianship of TMBG even if I've only got one CD and 2 tapes so I knew that I would enjoy myself at least some of the show. I was surprised that I enjoyed all of the show, even though 70% was completely new. The patter was excellent, the phone call from Eleanor Roosevelt from beyond the grave was hilarious ("no, [the new songs] are not 'awesome,' young lady!!"), and the patented mix of solid rock with geeky abstractions was spot on. Being next to Jim's complete wig-out was something to see in and of itself; I got to hear his "best TMBG concert ever" story at least twice, and we were close enough to hear his constant singing. My favourite moment was "Experimental Film," with about a dozen of the hardcore yelling "yeah!" and punching the air in time. That, plus John's Homsar shirt, plus the moment when the Boy, Jim & myself were singing the verse about the ending was transfiguring.

After the show the Boy & I dropped in on the Dance Cave to say hi to Shannon, because how often do I have overnight babysitting and am already downtown at midnight on a Monday? We intended to go for five minutes, but we ended up staying until last call, dancing with two bridesmaidmaniacs and generally enjoying the hell out of the night. My Prince experiment was repeated with the same results, so I'm starting to gather solid proof that it's the glasses that keep the boys away. And I've decided to give up dancing to "Baby Got Back," as it was much less fun without Morgan.

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