April 10, 2007
shall i compare thee to a semi-detatched?

I'm all a-twitter. We went to see a house this evening and I'm deeply smitten. It's the same house we tried to buy in February, only with new ceiling, new floor, new kitchen, new bathrooms…it's like a brand new house, only with the really excellent character of an older home. And though I still wish we had bought it super-cheap a few months ago, I am also loving the fact that the initial low price was what made it economical to do so many kick-ass renos.

In my heart, I'm living there already. I know that's a bad idea, but I'm in love.

On Saturday Little Spider invited the highschool Facebook network out for drinks at a local bar. We showed up 7 minutes late, just in time to wait in line in the freezing cold for 40 minutes. LS never showed.

The Boy & I faced a decision. We already had babysitting. I was wearing a skirt with a big red star over my bum. Clearly the night wasn't over. So we went to Neu+ral for Brit night. We ended up catching a cool little band called Airfield, drinking a pint of organic microbrew, and going home entirely satisfied. I don't think I took off my coat the entire night, and yet I felt like I was on a date. Fun stuff.

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