November 19, 2006
f is still for fester

I'm happier today. I spent yesterday in a festering funk: antisocial, unhappy, on the verge of illness. But I was able to finish almost all of my report cards, the only remaining task being a butt-load of marking so that one class has an accurate mark. 7, 8 hours of work, tops. I'm in good shape; usually I kill myself on the marking and have to do the actual report cards when I'm running on fumes. This is a good reversal.

The Boy & I were able to clear up some lingering issues and I woke up happy for the first time in a while. So happy, in fact, that I had the strength to face my credit card bill from last month's yarn crawl. My bill, unusually, contained a pleasant surprise: like the Trading Spaces episodes I used to love, I came in waaaay under budget. Like, $4.74 under. (And I get to congratulate my prescience on buying punkin-coloured Koigu, as my favourite guidance counsellor just told me that her partner is having twins. They just happen to be decorating in blue & orange, matching my favourite Koigu colourways! Wheee!)

Right now Blake is sleeping. We should be going to church, but since the Boy got up with Blake at 4 freaking o'clock (after he went to bed at 9:30 – something is wrong with that boy), I've declared that we can have the morning off so they both can nap. This is something that seems to crop up every other week. I've got to find a church with a 10 a.m. service; Blake's always falling asleep at inconvenient times and I lose half the day with this 11 a.m. b.s.

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