November 14, 2006
the word gets around

Today was a day of getting the rep out. My day started inauspiciously when I fell down during first period. This isn't the first time I've wiped out in these shoes, nor the first time I've fallen all the way to the floor in school (same incident, come to think). I was really surprised when my homeroom, who I was convinced would be reluctant to piss on me were I on fire, didn't laugh. They were utterly stunned. Good thing I was able to complete the lesson; any slurring or passivity and my rep would have been "lush" (and not in the voluptuous way).

At lunch I had a course meeting, which was frustrating because, as the new kid on the course, I have a limited understanding of practically everything. Plus, they're such good teachers that they're continually re-evaluating what they do, so a lot of the time was taken up in reconfiguring the unit. By the end of the meeting I barely had enough sense to know my ass from my elbow; a great state of mind for caf duty if you can manage it. New rep for the course: grumpy dolt.

Late to the caf, I wandered around until I decided I couldn't stand the chaos and started to clean up the rampant piles of garbage. The VP spotted me doing this and walked over to congratulate my initiative. It's funny; Goneril was always on us to take an active hand in caf clean up, an extra duty that we all resented. Still, it trained me well for this job, when I can make up my own mind about when I want to engage, and if I choose to do so I have a range of low-impact strategies in place to enlist help from nearby surly teens. It's good to be caught being a team player (for once).

My last act of rep-polishing occurred in the final period of the day. During my fourth-period presentations, I noticed a staff presentation going on with the head of SpecEd. I wandered over and asked if I was supposed to be there (sometimes I miss these things). She said no, and invited me anyway. So I went next period, because I like her and I'm one of those freaky people who like professional development. Again, I looked like a team player, eager to improve my skills, and I did it my way.

I'm shining so bright today I'm surprised you didn't already notice.

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