November 18, 2006
a job is offered in sodom, part 2

Financially, everything got a whole lot better around her yesterday. The Boy applied for a job on Wednesday, and although he was told that there was an internal candidate who would be getting it, he connected with the Principal so profoundly that he was offered the next best thing: an LTO or Long Term Occasional position. LTO's are the way that most people get hired to the Sodom Heights School District (most people at Bat Masterson were hired that way), and it's a tremendous cut above substitute teaching. You get your own classroom for the year, your own kids, and your own rules. Then, once the staff has got to know you, you usually get the next available job (much like the person who got the job the Boy applied for originally). So we're very happy. We even went to the Keg, my whole family, so that Blake could ignore his food in favour of a new Buzz Lightyear trinket and the rest of us could sate ourselves on expensive steak. Afterwards, the Boy & I must have been the only parents to get a babysitter so that we could catch "Flushed Away." Hee.

And after that it kind of went to shit, but at least my problems will be well-financed in the future. I dream of having these tempestuous arguments somewhere other than my parents basement; dream of crying myself to sleep on a couch that isn't also in the middle of my study and kitchen.

Don't think about that stuff. Just be happy for the Boy. It's been a long, uncertain fall and he deserves it.

Other reasons why I am in a crappy mood today: report cards are due Tuesday, and I just discovered a hole in my handmade Sockapaloooza socks. Now I have to look up darning techniques and buy matching yarn and then reknit the fucking sole and then fix the other sock before it breaks just so that I can wear my warmest socks. And I can't wear it with shoes anymore because obviously that's most of the problem right there. Can I teach classes in my stocking feet? No, I didn't think so.

Not. Happy.

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