November 08, 2006
no, really, am i job?

I was so good. I stayed home. I went to the doctor’s. I took my medicine. And I was rewarded with pinkeye in both eyes and a worsening sore throat.

I keep reminding myself about Frank “two pissholes in the snow” McCourt, and all the years he spent with conjunctivitis in both eyes, infections that his family was too dirt poor to treat and which only healed when he joined the American Army. If he can deal with it that long, I can deal with it for a few days. Besides, my morning drive was marked with rolling fog, so I got to pretend that it was my pathetic fallacy.

I had hoped to coast through the day, do my important class and let everything else hang. What a joke.

I’ve never needed a new episode of Lost more in my life.

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